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Congratulations to Clayton Rider for his submission "Journey to the Northwoods"; our winner of the Midland XTC400VP Wearable Wi-Fi HD 1080p Video Camera.

Thank you to all who entered and voted!

Playback suggestion: We strongly suggest watching any of these at the highest possible quality setting your internet connection allows for smooth operation. Start the video, immediately pause it, click the gear icon near the bottom right corner of the video and change it from the default 360p to the highest available, usually 720p or 1080p. Once the gear stops moving or the "HD" tag shows, click the Play button. If the presentation is too choppy, reduce the quality until you get a smooth playback.

* Please note that safety of all hunters and dogs is of utmost importance to RGS/AWS.

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2014-15 Winner! Clayton Rider presents "Journey to the Northwoods"

     I'm from White County, Georgia and for as long as I can remember my Father and Grandfather have always taken one week out of the year, usually sometime in October, to go up North and hunt grouse and woodcock. This past year was my very first journey to the Northwoods. My father Wayne Rider, my Grandfather Tony Rider, and myself were accompanied by Tommy, Nathan, and Daniel Tritt, and also Vernon Ford. Nestled in Tomahawk, Wisconsin we spent the first week of October (2014) hunting grouse and woodcock with our five German Shorthaired Pointers. From what I was told, the numbers we took that week were about average from what they had seen in past years. The video is a collection of pictures and videos that I took on the trip. It was without a doubt the most memorable trip I have ever experienced. I hope you enjoy!

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John Zeman presents "My 2014 Grouse and Woodcock Hunting Highlights"

     Some GoPro video clips from this past year's MN grouse and woodcock season. All hunting took place on Minnesota public land. Special thanks to some great friends who I had the privilege of sharing some beautiful days in the grouse woods this season and a couple of the best dogs a guy could ask for.

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Fritz Heller presents "Fall Risk 2014"

     This is the Grouse Commander Crew's submission to the Ruffed Grouse Society video contest. It captures the season and highlights the recovery of Fritz Heller after a major accident in January of 2014 that left doubts about returning to Grouse Hunting levels of the past.

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John Mackin submitted this year's first video contestant entitled
"Fall Point" or Brittany Points Pheasant.

     This is his 5 year old Brittany "Jett" practicing at a hunting club.

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Dave Lessard presents "Autumn Blaze Ruffed Grouse Hunting"

     Having family roots near the Hayward area of northern Wisconsin introduced me to the family tradition of ruffed grouse hunting. Although it wasn’t until my adult years that we called them grouse, they were always referred to as partridge by my father and grandfather. For the past 30 years I’ve been in the woods each fall hunting the most exciting game bird I know and the previous generations going back more than 80 years. There have been years were we literally have not shot any and only saw a few as well as years where there were so many birds they were in places you weren’t supposed to see them. For all these years we didn’t hunt behind dogs so the occasional woodcock was only an unexpected bonus. Now with my young Vizsla the style of hunting is different and it’s been great seeing more woodcock which to me are just as fun as the ruffies. Each year the family gathers to chase these fine birds, tell stories, and eat my mother’s famous grouse meal. It’s funny how a grouse seen in June doesn’t get your blood pumping the same way as seeing one in October.

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Garrett Huffman presents "Incoming Grouse"

     This was a late season hunt. It was a cold January morning in Clarion County PA. I was hunting with my two dogs. Yogi the Vizsla who is 4yrs old and Teddy the GSP who was 18mths old. We were hunting the creek bottoms that day. The birds were real skittish. Yogi had some nice points but by the time I got close the birds flushed. The one bird flew over my head and I took the shots and missed. I felt like I was shooting at a 90mph curve ball coming straight at me. I don't mind not shooting every bird I see but when the bird flew by me I think he winked at me.

Additional footage: and
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Walker Italia presents "Gone Grousing"

     I made this movie for an English project earlier this year, the project was to make a movie about something we are passionate about. Unlike most other teenagers, my main passion is for the outdoors, primarily grouse and woodcock hunting. In the movie I was able to film my dog Cooper on two unproductive points, later in the day we got into some more birds but I had left my Camera in the truck. This was filmed in Northern New Hampshire in November.

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"Grouse Girl/Woodcock Woman" by Payton Gunby

     This is a collection of grouse and woodcock hunting footage from Payton Gunby with her birddogs from Georgia taken in both Wisconsin and Georgia.

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The contest was announced on September 2, 2014. See Rules, Submission and Deadline information.

Take your camera hunting and collect some quality footage to produce into a video!

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