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Listen to the Drummer Podcast, an audio production developed by the Ruffed Grouse Society that gives members and the public the opportunity listen to staff and professionals discuss topics important to preserving sporting traditions and creating healthy forest habitat for the benefit of grouse, woodcock and other forest wildlife. The Drummer Podcast welcomes premier guests on the issues of habitat, hunting, bird dogs and shotguns including RGS staff and other professionals. You can see the interviews below - click on the links to download and listen:


John Eichinger, RGS and AWS President & CEO

Listen to John Eichinger talk about role of RGS in conservation efforts and the creation of AWS




Gary Zimmer, RGS and AWS Coordinating Wildlife Biologist

Listen to Gary Zimmer discuss the role of an RGS biologist and how RGS creates healthy forests




Mark Fouts, RGS and AWS Regional Director

Listen to Mark Fouts discuss the importance of membership, mentorship and the creation of AWS




Tripp Way, RGS and AWS Regional Director

Listen to Tripp Way discuss hunting tactics in the Northeast and having passion for grouse hunting




Tom Keer, The Keer Group; Outdoor Writer

Listen to Tom Keer discuss grouse and woodcock literature and his recent article in the RGS magazine




Steve Grossman, Moran Hunt Club; Bird Dog Trainer

Listen to Steve Grossman discuss grouse hunting tactics and bird dog training in preparation for the season




Mission Statement

Established in 1961, the Ruffed Grouse Society is North America's foremost conservation organization dedicated to preserving our sporting traditions by creating healthy forest habitat for ruffed grouse, American woodcock and other wildlife. RGS works with landowners and government agencies to develop critical habitat utilizing scientific management practices.

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