Expansion of Ruffed Grouse Range in Nevada


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This original article Expansion of Ruffed Grouse Range in Nevada by Steve Kemp, NDOW Wildlife Educator, Eastern Region; posted by NevadaWild on Feb 19, 2016 at http://nevadawild.org/expansion-of-ruffed-grouse-range-in-nevada/ provides details about Nevada's history of introducing ruffed grouse into and around the state as well as a description of the method used by biologists to capture ruffed grouse for research or relocation. Includes a link to a recommended podcast "Tips to Finding Ruffed Grouse in Nevada" which may also translate to similar western states.

Original story:

In an ongoing effort to expand the ruffed grouse range and increase hunter opportunity, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), has implemented a plan to capture and relocate this medium sized forest grouse into many portions of central and northern Nevada.

Before 1963, Nevadans had no ruffed grouse population to call their own. The first translocation of ruffed grouse happened that year when 13 grouse, captured in Idaho, were released in the Ruby Mountains. Nevada’s ruffed grouse population has been expanding ever since.


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