New 'forest mulcher' benefits game birds


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The original article New ‘forest mulcher’ will benefit game birds, DNR says by John McCoy, Charleston Gazette-Mail Staff Writer at was posted April 9, 2016.

WV DNR CAT 299D Mulcher -Photo courtesy of WVDNR
CAT 299D, donated by RGS, in operation in West Virginia. Photo courtesy WVDNR

Thanks to a new machine, West Virginia could get as many as 300 acres of new grouse habitat this year. The Ruffed Grouse Society, a conservation organization, has donated a $150,000 forest mulcher to promote the growth of young new vegetation in selected areas of the state’s eastern mountains. Workers for three government agencies will use the mulcher to clear the forest of undesirable undergrowth and allow wildlife-friendly plants can grow. Rob Tallman, a Division of Natural Resources wildlife manager, said the machine has already been put to good use.

Ruffed Grouse Society officials decided to donate the mulcher to the DNR after they saw some of the habitat work Tallman and others were doing on state and federal lands. “We asked [RGS regional biologist] Linda Ordiway to come out and look at what we were doing,” Tallman recalled. “She liked what she saw. When the Ruffed Grouse Society decided to buy a couple of mulchers, they donated one to us.” The donation included the machine and a trailer to haul it in. The DNR agreed to purchase a truck capable of towing the loaded trailer.

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