Ruffed grouse hunting: Habitat needs pines, old growth


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The original article "Ruffed grouse hunting: Habitat needs pines, old growth" by Dave Orrick was published by and Pioneer Press Outdoors October 19, 2015 at 12:01 AM CDT: and features an interview with Meadow Kouffeld-Hansen, RGS Minnesota regional biologist.

Meadow and one of her Deutsch-Drahthaars

Meadow Kouffeld-Hansen doesn't just hunt ruffed grouse with her husband and three Deutsch-Drahthaar pointing dogs; she studies the birds in Minnesota's core range, the forest in the northern reaches of the state.

While working on her master's degree in wildlife ecology at the University of Minnesota, Kouffeld-Hansen studied under prominent grouse researcher Rocky Gutierrez. Her thesis was titled "Landscape Scale Site Selection and Management for Ruffed Grouse in Minnesota."

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Established in 1961, the Ruffed Grouse Society is North America's foremost conservation organization dedicated to preserving our sporting traditions by creating healthy forest habitat for ruffed grouse, American woodcock and other wildlife. RGS works with landowners and government agencies to develop critical habitat utilizing scientific management practices.

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