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Major support is provided by RGS' various sustaining and Centurion memberships, Life and banquet sponsors.

Additional support is provided by its other member levels, corporate sponsors, and other donors.



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RGS' strongest financial support from its members is given by its various sustaining member levels, Centurion (Life) members, banquet sponsors and Life Sponsors, with the greatest support provided by our Gullion Circle members. Our programs depend on this consistent and outstanding support by so many. Thank you to all of them!

From 1985 through 2007, RGS published Sponsor Prints provided to its banquet sponsors as an incentive. Starting in 2008, the sponsor print was replaced with a Print of The Year (PTY). The current year PTY appears below and all PTY and Sponsor prints are pictured here.

2016 Print of the Year: Ruff Drummer by Stephen P. Hamrick
2016 Print of the Year:
Ruff Drummer by Stephen P. Hamrick

The Society published annual paper copies of its Report to Sponsors from 1981 through 2004. Starting in 2005, the paper version was replaced with an online PDF version that is available not only to its sponsors but all members and site visitors. The new RGS 2014 Annual Report includes annual highlights, a full listing of its Life and annual sponsor level members, as well as financial information.

Annual Reports (select the year below)

2014 -- RGS 2014 Annual Report **

RGS 2013 Annual Report

As RGS moves into its second 50 years, RGS' campaign to improve young forest wildlife habitat was supported by generous financial contributions from its members, sponsors and donors. RGS continues to depend on our members' commitment to pursue our long range goals and this dedicated assistance continues as one of the Society’s major strengths. RGS' gratitude to its many generous members and volunteers who continue to provide, their time, effort and money to move the organization forward is overflowing. We are especially thankful for all the Society Sponsor members listed in this report, who contribute over and above the basic membership level to allow RGS' pursuit of its mission. We continue to be grateful to all who have made the Society’s cause their own for the past 53 years and to all who will be a part of the Society’s forest wildlife habitat improvement campaign in the future. RGS again acknowledges, with this 2014 Annual Report, the continuing role of a special group, our Sponsors, that is such a major source of precious resources.

The annual recognition list of Gullion Circle members and those in the Golden Aspen, Silver Birch and Bronze Maple Rings who are contributing their way into the inner Circle of RGS' top lifetime contributors appear on page 23. The 2014 Annual Report is available as a full color PDF document.

Only RGS sponsorships contributed during calendar year 2014 are included. See below for prior year annual reports.

2013 -- RGS 2013 Annual Report

RGS 2013 Annual Report

Only RGS sponsorships contributed during calendar year 2013 are included.

2011 Annual Report to Sponsors For The Ruffed Grouse Society

2010 Annual Report to Sponsors For The Ruffed Grouse Society

2009 Annual Report to Sponsors For The Ruffed Grouse Society

2008 Annual Report to Sponsors For The Ruffed Grouse Society

2007 Annual Report to Sponsors For The Ruffed Grouse Society

2006 Annual Report to Sponsors For The Ruffed Grouse Society

2005 Annual Report to Sponsors For The Ruffed Grouse Society

** Note: Notify RGS if you sponsored during calendar year 2014 and you, or your company, is not listed or listed incorrectly. Names and companies are listed as they were at the end of each year, with any corrections provided through December 31, 2014. If your membership address involves a company, please check the list by state and the company name, alphabetically. If you cannot find your sponsorship listed, please check under your last name. We apologize if it is listed incorrectly, so please email Webmaster@ruffedgrousesociety.org the year, your name, the name as it now appears and the way it should appear and we will post an addendum of corrections at a later date.

Mission Statement

Established in 1961, the Ruffed Grouse Society is North America's foremost conservation organization dedicated to preserving our sporting traditions by creating healthy forest habitat for ruffed grouse, American woodcock and other wildlife. RGS works with landowners and government agencies to develop critical habitat utilizing scientific management practices.

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